All over Europe, the participation of low-qualified employees in adult education and continuing professional education is far below average, their risk of unemployment is high. In the current professional debates, these employees have increasingly come into focus in the last 10 years as an endogenous potential for securing competitiveness. As an access option for the acquisition of low-qualified target groups for lifelong learning, companies are becoming increasingly important.

Work based basic skills training as a continuing professional education offer proves itself in the European area as a significant way to reach these employees for a development of their basic competencies. A variety of national and European projects and implementation strategies have generated empirical findings on this innovative training field on how access to companies and employees, work based learning and competence development can be designed and which organizational conditions promote this business field.

It has been shown that if strategies for continuing education are to be successful for not qualified workers, work based learning must be professionally designed.


PROFI-TRAIN uses the knowledge base of work based basic skills training and aims at the development of a transferable and flexible professional training concept for experts in adult education and continuing professional education and training – teaching, guiding, planning, managing experts – in order to contribute to professional development. The professional training concept „Competence for work-based basic skills” consists of three building blocks:

  • Manual for self-study
  • Six curricularly edited thematic modules for the realization of seminars
  • European roadmap – guidelines for stakeholders.

The professional training concept “Competence for work-based basic skills - will be contextualised for testing and implementing in the six partnership-countries by pilot projects.

The tree building blocks will be translated and presented in english, german, slowenien, czech and greek language.


September 2017 – August 2020


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The Profi-Train partnership is pleased recognised as a good practice project.