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IO1: Competent for work based basic skills: Self-Study-Manual

A1: The publication WORK BASED BASIC SKILLS – CHALLENGES FOR TRAINERS serves to highlight best practices that are already taking place in order to see how different partner countries can adapt, influence and implement such measures in their current work procedures and systems.

A2: The Self-Study-Manual is based on six modules, with overall knowledge and reflection offers to become familiar with Work Based Basic Skills challenges. It was developed for trainers, teachers, guidance practitioners as well as project managers and decision makers in adult education organisations.

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IO2: Competent for work based basic skills: Guide for training of the trainers in face to face seminars

Basic purpose of this product is to present a more detailed methodological, subject-matter and didactic view of the work based basic skills training program structure itself. The purpose of this guide is to design a comprehensive model with an open curriculum with modular basis.

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IO3: Pilot seminars report

After the realization of pilot seminars in each partners country a short report about the experiences, results and the quality of the ProfiTrain-IO1 and IO2-products was developed.

IO4: European Roadmap – Guidelines for stakeholders

Based on the experience and results of the products and the pilot projects, this European Roadmap is developed, which will draw attention to the continuing education concept on a broad scale.In particular, the guide is intended to reach political stakeholders and national, regional, local actors in the field of continuing education and training.

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