bbb Büro für berufliche Bildungsplanung, R. Klein und Partner GbR was founded in 1993 as an independent private institute (GbR – private company under civil law).

An interdisciplinary team of social scientists, consultants and VET practitioners works under the profile Researching – Consulting – Training on various fields of changes in the world of work and in society and the consequences for individuals, professionals, organisations.

bbb focuses on adult education, learning process and competence development. Therefore we realize research projects, scientific evaluating research, concept and project development, expertise and studies, moderation – coaching – training. We accompany educational institutions, private enterprises and public institutions wanting or needing to change their structures. In Germany we are experts for work based basic skills.


BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH was founded in 1990 as an independent vocational qualification institute.

Main activities comprise adult education, vocational qualification, guidance of unemployed people and training of key qualifications for re-integration into the labour market. The institute offers training facilities for up to 13.000 students per year. The training methods for different target groups include own pedagogic and didactic methods, especially for integration and motivation as well as e-Learning based trainings which are constantly being updated.

As one of the first training institutes in Austria, BEST has become a certified Eco-C-centre (European Communication Certificate) and provides respective trainings and tests. Within its International Projects Department, BEST shows long experience of cooperation more than 180 European projects, both as coordinator and partner.

The institute is focused on exchange of experience and practice, as well as joint development with European Partners.

ERUDICIO is an independent non-governmental public benefit organisation which supporting human resource development, education, science and research focused primarily on law and its impact. ERUDICIO is a foundation fund managed by a board of directors. It has experts from different fields in a core team and it is ready to expand its project team to include other necessary experts for specific tasks. Each project in which ERUDICIO participates is led by the project leader or coordinator who is directly accountable to board of directors.  

ERUDICIO participates on European as well as national projects.  In the past it was involved in projects focused on predictive models of pension systems and also a project which was promoting coordination on the transferability of welfare benefits within a cluster of EU social security institutes. Its knowledge leads in areas closely related to the responsibilities and specialisations performed under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. While in lasts couples of years the main knowledge was build on the work towards social systems and pension reform, experts incorporated on board in last year have broad experience in the area of the labour market, educational system and guidance.


Slovenian Institute for Adult Education (SIAE) is a public institute founded in 1991 by the Government of Slovenia.

SIAE is the main national institution for research and development, quality and education, guidance and validation, and promotional and informative activities in the field of adult education. Its main roles are drafting professional bases and evaluations, monitoring the development of the adult education system, developing various non-formal and formal forms of learning, developing programs to improve adult literacy, and pays particular attention to improving access by vulnerable groups of adults to education and learning. In doing so, it develops the necessary infrastructure to support learning, develops models for the self-evaluation of quality and the validation of prior learning, and provides professional education and training for adult educators.

SIAE’s vision for the future continues to be an active contribution to ensuring access to and the quality of education and learning for all residents of Slovenia under the principles of free choice and equal opportunities.

Ergani Centre was founded in 1991 as a consortium of organizations of Thessaloniki (Greece) in order to implement a number of projects and programs for the women of the area. At 2001 Ergani took the legal form of an independent Non-Profit Civil Association. It consists of 7 partners - public and private Organizations, Authorities and Universities.

The main objectives of Ergani Centre is to support women, young people, members of social vulnerable groups and group or cooperatives who wish to:

  • Enter/re-enter the labour market / Increase their professional skills
  • Create/develop a business or a social/cooperative enterprise or an organization

The main Services or Ergani Centre are:

1) Service for Developing the Skills of Unemployed (women mainly but also of members of social vulnerable groups)

The aim is to ensure the smooth entry or re-entry of the unemployed into the labour market. We provide:

  • Individual and group consulting in: personal development, improving social skills, analysing one's personal and professional profile, career orientation and job hunting techniques
  • Flexible group training programmes on the development of communication skills and self-knowledge

2) Service for the Support of Women’s and Social Entrepreneurship

Provision of integrated and personal support to empower people in order to start or develop a business.

The provided services are:

  • Individual and group counselling on self-knowledge and empowerment and on the different steps on a business plans creation
  • Information on funding opportunities
  • Flexible training programmes in order to evaluate a business idea

3) Additionally we provide: Psychosocial support, Computer literacy courses, Mentorship and Networking activities

The Directorate for Research, Lifelong Learning and Employability within the Ministry for Education and Employment is led by a vision that learning should be a lifelong journey for everyone.

The Directorate offers policy guidance on lifelong learning and organises adult learning courses through a more personalised and innovative approach to education. It aims to ensure that there are learning benefits for numerous different sectors; individuals, communities, employers and society at large.

As the National Coordinator for the European Agenda for Adult Learning, the Directorate is improving the quality of adult teaching and learning in Malta. We are striving for better coordination in the sector so as to increase participation in adult learning of all kinds (formal, non-formal and informal learning), whether for the acquisition of work skills, for active citizenship, or for personal development.

Associated Partner 

SVEB is the Swiss national umbrella organisation for adult education and operates as a professional association and pressure group. It is represented through offices in all three language regions. In addition, SVEB also manages the Training for Trainers and is the supporting organization of „Edu Qua“, the main quality label for organizations in the field of adult learning. 

For more than 60 years SVEB has pioneered adult learning in Switzerland. We have campaigned for an effective and forward-looking adult education system and devoted ourselves to achieving a high level of quality in adult learning opportunities throughout Switzerland. The work we do includes developing innovative approaches to adult education for example in the area of basic skills. SVEB develops, promotes and implements concepts for the promotion of work based basic skills. An optimal network of diverse players forms the basis for our activities.